Thanks for visiting Southington Digital Solutions! My name is Glenn and I started Southington Digital to help small businesses compete like the larger guys. Creating e-commerce websites with robust features like delivery options at an affordable price. When I was building a website for my wife's shop Kenzie Kakes we were approached by many web developers to build our site. At the time I was a bit of an amateur building fun sites on the side for my hobbies. I asked for a price quote and was shocked at the costs. I decided to teach myself how to build an e-commerce site. Today Kenzie Kakes does a robust online business with features like online orders and delivery with automatic printing right to their kitchen. I enhanced their social media presence and worked on their SEO optimization. I am happy and proud to say that Kenzie Kakes is on the map. I want to offer that same thing to you, build a new affordable website and create a new revenue stream for your existing business. I can help your social media management and optimize SEO. Bottom line I can get your name on the internet and in front of your customers. Give us a call at 860-384-7243 or email us at and schedule an in person consultation.